Hi, I'm Alec

SEO consultant. Coffee addict. Craftsman of terrible code.

Things I do

I do what I love.
Some of these projects are my main focus to pay the bills; others are hobbies or moonlighting projects which eventually became standalone businesses.

Allotment Digital

A digital marketing agency with a strong focus on ecommerce SEO. We have helped several of the UK’s biggest retail brands improve their organic visibility.

Image Raider

Enterprise-level reverse image search. Image Raider helps photographers, IP lawyers, and marketers to track who is using their images. At its peak, Image Raider had 300,000 monthly users.

I built and ran Image Raider for its first three years. Image Raider was acquired by a technology firm in November 2015.


A service for identifying, verifying, and tracking photographic copyright infringements.


Years of talking about and teaching SEO has culminated in an encyclopedia full of decks and ideas.


A specialist travel affiliate site which makes money through discount codes and cashback.


I’ve built more tools than I can remember. Mostly these help me to do my work a little more efficiently, sometimes they make it into the wild.

Google Certified

Google Analytics, Adwords, Shopping, and Display certified


Things I’ve written here and elsewhere. Search, and marketing, and other things that pique my interest.

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